About Me

I am a 25 year old architectural journalist and writer, currently working ArchDaily’s Managing Editor and based in Santiago, Chile. I graduated with a BA in Architecture from Newcastle University in 2011. This is my personal website, at least until I get the motivation to build a better one – do check out my writing and old design projects with the links in the top-right.

I have written extensively for ArchDaily. You can see all of my articles here. My writing has also appeared on the websites of Australian Design Review, Metropolis Magazine, Huffington Post US and Huffington Post France (thanks to translations by the good people at HuffPo FR), Business Insider, Future Capetown and Paperhouses. I have also been published in Scroope, the Cambridge Journal of Architecture.

In my role as ArchDaily’s Managing Editor, my primary responsibility is to publish the site’s most thought-provoking and critical content; essentially to work against a prevailing belief that ArchDaily has nothing to offer the architecture community beyond recycled press releases and hyperbolic “churnalism.” Since starting my current role in August 2014 I have worked with both staff writers and external contributors to bring quality articles to fruition, and for 2015 I am planning a number of significant editorial projects – watch this space.


For (constructive) enquiries related to ArchDaily: rory@archdaily.com

For all other matters: rorygstott@googlemail.com

To tell me why you think I’m wrong about something: @StottR


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